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The Bosco Theatre has a diameter of almost 13 meters and offers space to 200 spectators. The total depth is 15.80 meters. The tent can be built in one day and is transported in one max. size trailer.

The structure has been calculated and allowed as a theatre by the official Engineering Department for Mobile Structures in Cologne, Germany (Prufbuch Fliegende Bauten, nr. 109/04-01 Mehrzweckzelt).

Below you find a schematic ground plan for the Bosco Theatre, viewed in 3D, followed by drawings of the side-view and top-view, including size and dimensions.

The Bosco Theatre in 3D top

3D view


  1. Parade
  2. Tribune
  3. Performing area
  4. Stage entrance / emergency exit


  • The diameter of the tent is 13 meters
  • The total depth is nearly 16 meters
  • The cam altitude (rooftop) is at 6.60 meters
  • The tribune offers seats for 200 spectators



Side-view of the Bosco Theatre
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Top-view of the Bosco Theatre
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